The observing team at Gemini keeps a detailed log of each night's science observing, also noting weather issues, technical faults and any time spent in planned engineering. It is read by Gemini staff early each morning. A summary of the night is written at the end of observing and included at the top of each night log. That summary is posted here, unedited, to give interested users a feel for what we're doing.

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Sep 26, 2022 Weather forecasts suggest clear to partly cloudy skies with good seeing and slightly higher winds. Queue plans feature GRACES with NIRI and NIFS to round out the night. If CC50 conditions persist, we have an LGS observation in the late evening. Excellent weather conditions persisted with IQ20 for most of the night and CC50 conditions. Difficulties with Altair prevented LGS observations, but several time-critical observations were conducted.
Sep 25, 2022 Queue plans for the night feature GRACES, augmented by NIRI, NIFS and GMOS observations. If weather conditions are excellent, we have an LGS observation in the latter half of the night. Friday's forecast (one day stale) suggests dry conditions and light winds, with some patchy mid- and upper-level clouds. Satellite shows a significant band of upper-level clouds that may push south midway through the night. Conditions for the night ended up being quite uniform. Seeing varied between IQ70 and IQ20, while cloud cover stayed fairly constant at CC70. Heavier cloud cover that we had anticipated from satellite maps cleared by the time it reached the summit, resulting in fairly constant conditions all night long. Observations featured GRACES with additional NIRI imaging.
Sep 24, 2022 GRACES, NIRI and NIFS queue observing. 5.5h GRACES transit observation scheduled for the 2nd half in CC70 or better. Weather forecast if for IQ70 CC80/Any. Cloudy CCAny night with IQ20-85 seeing. Observed B3 GRACES, B4 GMOS and a couple GMOS specphots. Called the night early at 4:40am because of very thick clouds. We ran the B480 commissioning arcs in the morning.
Sep 23, 2022 GRACES, NIRI and GMOS queue observing. Forecast is for clear skies, excellent seeing and WVAny. Majority of the night was IQ70 CC80, CC70 at the start of the night and a flash of CCAny at the end. Observed a number of B1,2,3 GRACES 2-fiber observations, two GRACES calibrators, and one B2 NIRI program.
Sep 22, 2022 NIFS, NIRI and GMOS queue observing. Alopeke in standby to fill the holes in the light queue if needed. We intend to take a long daytime GMOS B480 arcs sequence in the morning as part of the B480 commissioning. Forecast is for clear skies and IQ20/70 seeing. Another night of glorious weather. CC50 IQ20 all night. Observed B1,2,3 NIFS, NIRI and GMOS programs. Tcl SeqExec was freezing today so we decided to skip taking the B480 commissioning arc cals in the morning since they were meant to be taken with Tcl SeqExec.
Sep 21, 2022 GMOS, NIFS and NIRI queue observing. We're also planning to do the LGS hotspot adjustment in the evening in good weather. Alopeke on standby to cover any vacancies in the otherwise thin queue. The forecast is for clear skies, excellent seeing and WV80. Perfect weather all night long: CC50 IQ20 WV80. Observed B1-2 GMOS and NIFS, including LGS science. We also completed the LGS hotspot adjustment.
Sep 20, 2022 GMOS and NIFS queue observing, along with the NIRI nighttime checkouts. The forecast is for clear skies and excellent seeing. A good night of mostly CC50 IQ20-70 WVAny. IQ85 at the start of the night and passing CC70-80 clouds between 1 and 2am. Observed B1, B3 and B4 GMOS programs and completed all NIRI nighttime checkouts.
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