First Announcement – IAU Symposium 357 (2018 Oct 11)

White Dwarfs as probes of fundamental physics and tracers of planetary, stellar and galactic evolution

 Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii, USA – October 21-25th 2019

Full details can be found on the website –

We are pleased to post the first announcement for IAU Symposium 357, covering the subject of white dwarf  stars and their roles as probes of exoplanet composition, stellar and galactic evolution and  fundamental physics. This Symposium is particularly timely, taking place 18 months after GAIA DR2, which provides parallax and photometric measurements for thousands of white dwarfs. This vast database  provides an unprecedented window into the basic physical parameters of white dwarf stars. The meeting is  planned to be highly interdisciplinary, bringing together not just astronomers from the white dwarf field, but also those with expertise in cosmology, atomic physics & data, planetary system dynamics, astrometry, dark matter, astroparticle physics, exoplanets, astronomical statistics, stellar  spectroscopy, stellar atmosphere theory, computational fluid dynamics, fundamental physics and others.

Our goal is to create a dynamic opportunity, employing a diverse range of astrophysical expertise to address fundamental questions in white dwarf astrophysics, thereby formulating the direction of white dwarf studies in the next decade.

Pre-registration is now open.

Please register before November 30th 2018 to receive further announcements and and information about the symposium (note: if you have already pre-registered following the test announcement at the Austin white dwarf workshop, there is no need to re-register).