Family Astro

Since becoming a National Family Astro site in 2003, Gemini staff has trained hundreds of educators across the island to lead hands-on Family Astro events in their local areas. Through these educators, which include classroom teachers, homeschool teachers, amateur and professional astronomers, volunteer college students, science center and museum staff, librarians, afterschool providers, park and recreation staff, and youth group leaders (e.g., boys’ and girls’ clubs, Girl and Boy Scouts, etc.), thousands of children and adults have participated to date in Gemini’s Family Astro program.Family ASTRO is now available to anyone who wants to expand and/or share his or her knowledge of the universe. Leader Kits are available which includes a "Leader Guide" full of activities for an evening of engagement (with detailed instructions, suggested agendas, and background information) and access to online resources (including training videos for those with high-speed internet access).

Finally, Gemini will provide a take-home activity for your group. Games are available to anyone who wants to have fun at home with family and friends and learn some astronomy at the same time. So, whether you want to spend some quality time under the stars, play a cooperative board game while learning about the Moon, test your knowledge of the Solar System, or hold a "deep space" night of cards, we think you’ll find a Family ASTRO game or kit that suits your cosmic need!