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TEXES (North)

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Overview of TEXES' Capabilities

TEXES, the Texas Echelon Cross Echelle Spectrograph is a high resolution (R ~ 4,000-100,000) mid-infrared (4.5-25 micron) spectrometer, which was first offered at Gemini North as a visitor instrument in Semester 2006B.


See the Status and Availability page for important information on using TEXES at Gemini.

TEXES Science Highlights

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How to Use These Pages

The Gemini instrument pages first give the status of the instrument and its availability in the next semester. The information is then organized initially by instrument mode, followed by technical information necessary for writing a proposal and detailed observation planning, and then content relevant to reducing and interpreting data.

Please see also the Mid-IR Resources section, which contains generic information about observing in the mid-IR, as well as details about calibrations, standard stars etc. that apply to Michelle, T-ReCS and TEXES.

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