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July 18, 2023 News GMOS-S upcoming intervention
July 13, 2023 News Altair not available, NIFS availability postponed.
July 13, 2023 Press Release Rare, Double-Lobe Nebula Resembles Overflowing Cosmic ‘Jug’
July 3, 2023 News July 2023 Fast Turnaround Call for Proposals
June 22, 2023 Press Release Never-Before-Seen Way to Annihilate a Star
June 16, 2023 News GMOS-N B600 PIs are encouraged to use B480 grating
June 15, 2023 News 23B Programs and Schedule Announced!
June 14, 2023 News GNIRS Ready for Science and IFU Update
June 14, 2023 Press Release Gemini North Detects Multiple Rock-Forming Elements in the Atmosphere of a Scorching Exoplanet
June 9, 2023 News First pipeline reduced GHOST observations & available data
June 7, 2023 Press Release Gemini North Back On Sky With Dazzling Image of Supernova in the Pinwheel Galaxy
June 6, 2023 News 2023B OT Available
June 5, 2023 News Observing Databases offline June 6
June 2, 2023 News June 2023 Fast Turnaround Call for Proposals
May 2, 2023 Press Release Astronomers Witness Star Devouring Planet: Possible Preview of the Ultimate Fate of Earth
May 2, 2023 News May 2023 Fast Turnaround Call for Proposals
April 17, 2023 News DRAGONS Version 3.1 Released
April 6, 2023 News DRAGONS v3.1.0 Release Available - Full support for GMOS Longslit
April 5, 2023 Press Release Dual Quasars Blaze Bright at the Center of Merging Galaxies
April 3, 2023 News April 2023 Fast Turnaround Call for Proposals
March 30, 2023 News GHOST expected Special Call in 2023B, none in 2023A
March 29, 2023 Press Release ‘Taffy Galaxies’ Collide, Leave Behind Bridge of Star-Forming Material
March 2, 2023 News March 2023 Fast Turnaround Call for Proposals
March 1, 2023 News 2023B Call for Proposals Released
February 16, 2023 Press Release Journey Through the Universe Returns to Hilo Classes


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