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Status and Availability

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ALTAIR with Natural Guide Star (NGS) or Laser Guide Star (LGS) is available with NIRI for imaging, subject to the limitations below, and with NIFS for IFU spectroscopy and coronography and with GNIRS for longslit and cross-dispersed spectroscopy.

LGS + P1 "super-seeing" mode is commissioned for NIRI and NIFS, which allows nearly full sky coverage for targets with elevations >40 degrees from Gemini North. The mode is currently limited for GNIRS spectroscopy use due to flexure issues. See the LGS + P1 "Super Seeing" mode page for more information.

Latest updates

31 Jan 2020
ALTAIR is offline !
ALTAIR is currently offline due to problems with its deformable mirror electronics as well as few other mechanisms on the optical bench. We are working on resolving the issues as quickly as possible, but it is likely that Altair will be unavailable for at least another couple of weeks. Please email your contact scientist if you have any questions or concerns about the potential impact on your program.

01 Mar 2017
The Gemini North laser system has suffered a significant set back with a hardware and optics fault. Recovery of the system is unlikely and priority will go to commissioning the South Toptica laser, followed by the North Toptica laser. The February 2017 North LGS run is cancelled, and LGS will not be offered for semester 2017B regular programs at Gemini North.

Commissioning Information

22 Feb 2007
Altair Update - The Laser Guide Star system is now commissioned for science.

05 Sep 2006
Altair Update - current status of ALTAIR LGS re-engineering and re-commissioning.

17 May 2006
Altair Update - summary of the April and May 2006 LGS technical commissioning completion; call for proposals for LGS systems verification announced.

31 Aug 2005
Altair Field Lens Prototype now available. This will be available starting in 2006A and provides dramatic improvements in Strehl out to 25arcseconds from the guide star.

28 June 2004
Altair Update - summary of the June 2004 Altair spectroscopy System Verification run.

22 August 2003
Altair Update - summary of the August 2003 commissioning run.

1 July 2003
Altair Update - summary of the April/May 2003 commissioning runs.

1 February 2003 (updated 3 Mar 2003)
Altair Update - summary of the November/December 2002 commissioning runs.

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