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Wavelength Calibration

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Nearly all near-infrared spectra, except perhaps certain regions at very high resolution, contain sky emission lines which can be used for wavelength calibration.  However, at low and moderate resolution these lines are often blends and may not be easily identified.  For wavelengths < 2.5 um, measurement of arc lines for wavelength calibration is recommended.

Arc lamp line plots and lists

  • NIRI plots

  • GNIRS plots

  • Interactive tools for displaying high-res arc lines (from Keck/NIRSPEC)

  • IRAF Argon line list, including vacuum wavelengths of the infrared emission lines of argon
    from "Wavelength Standards in the Infrared", K.N. Rao et al., 1966
    [ADS] [DATA]

  • Wavelength Calibration of Near-Infrared Spectra, Hinkle, et al, 2001, PASP, 113, 548

    Atmospheric Transmission/Emission spectra

    Sky line lists

    • Night-sky spectral atlas of OH emission lines in the near-infrared,
      Rousselot, P., Lidman, C., Cuby, J.-G., Moreels, G. & Monnet, G., 2000, A&A 354, 1134,
      [ADS] [DATA (0.614-2.624 microns)]
    • The OH airglow spectrum: a calibration source for infrared spectrometers,
      Oliva, E. and Origlia, L., 1992, A&A, 254, 466
      [ADS] [DATA]
    • Observations of the OH airglow emission,
      Maihara, et al, 1993, PASP, 105, 940
    • Non-thermal emission in the atmosphere above Mauna Kea,
      Ramsay, S.K., Mountain, C.M. & Geballe, T. R.,

    • High-resolution Fourier transform spectroscopy of the Meinel system of OH,
      Abrams, et al, 1994, ApJS, 93, 351
    • IRAF OH line list, including Vacuum wavelengths from the calculations of Chamberlain (< 1.20 microns)
      and laboratory observations of Hubbard and Brault using the Solar FTS (> 1.2 microns).

    Additional References

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