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Classical Schedule : GN Semester 2002A (rev 2)

The table below summarises the classically-scheduled programs that have been awarded time on Gemini North. As a reminder, all capabilities are made available on a shared-risks basis.

In 2002A, only University of Hawaii proposals were eligible to be scheduled classically (under the Operating Agreement between UH and NSF). All other approved programmes are queue scheduled. See the 2002A queue.

Each program has been assigned a Gemini Contact Scientist (CS) who is the point of contact between the Observatory and the Principal Investigator. Instructions for visiting observers are available.

The columns in the table are:
Date: Scheduled observing night(s).
Allocated programs: Gemini reference number (note that this is different from any internal National TAC reference number) and Principal Investigator for scheduled program. Click on the reference number to see the proposal abstract.
Instrument: Hokupa'a/QUIRC or NIRI for 2002A.
Title: the title of the program.

Schedule : Gemini North 2002A
Date Allocated Program(s) Instrument Title(s)
Sa Feb 2 UH (Hokupa'a team) Hokupa'a + QUIRC University of Hawaii Payback
Su   3 GN-2002A-C-1 (Potter) Hokupa'a + QUIRC A Search for Circumstellar Disks in the TW Hydrae Association
Date Allocated Program(s) Instrument Title(s)
Th Apr 4 GN-2002A-C-4 (Martin) NIRI Brown Dwarf Meteorology
Date Allocated Program(s) Instrument Title(s)
Fr Apr 19 GN-2002A-C-2 (Liu) Hokupa'a + QUIRC An Adaptive Optics Search for Young Jovian-Mass Planets
Su   21 GN-2002A-C-3 (Chambers) Hokupa'a + QUIRC AO studies of high-z radio source hosts with bright natural guide stars
Date Allocated Program(s) Instrument Title(s)
We Jun 19 GN-2002A-C-5 (Bauer) NIRI NIR Spectroscopy and Optical Photometry of faint Centaurs 
NB: two additional Hokupa'a + QUIRC payback nights to be scheduled

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