The Galactic Center’s Mysterious Quintuplet Stars Unmasked

J-band spectra of three of the five members of the Infrared Quintuplet showing emission lines of neutral helium and ionized carbon. The continuum radiation from the stars and their dust shells actually decrease rapidly from longer to shorter wavelengths and is barely detectable at the short wavelength edge of these spectra. In the figure the spectra have been “flattened” to more easily reveal the line emission.

November 2017 Call for Proposals

September 1st, 2017

Gemini North and South are accepting proposals for the Fast Turnaround (FT) program. Here, we give information specific to this proposal cycle. Please see the other FT pages - particularly the rules - for general information about the program. FT-specific proposal templates must now be used for all FT proposals; see the "PIT information" section below. The revised 2017B PIT must be used