Gemini News Archive

Gemini South Mid-Infrared Imager T-ReCS Glimpses Dry Ice Frost on Mars

T-ReCS on Gemini South was used to obtain an image of Mars using a spectral filter centered at a wavelength of 12.8 microns. The image was made on 2003 June 4.

New Gemini Images Exemplify the Power of Adaptive Optics

A razor-sharp image was released today revealing new details at the heart of a famous star cluster M-13, taken with adaptive optics system Altair on Gemini North.

Gemini Newsletter #26 Released

OSCIR Probes Heated Dust in the Active Galactic Nucleus of the Spiral Galaxy NGC 4151

Astronomers used the mid-infrared camera OSCIR mounted on Gemini North to observe the nuclear region of NGC 4151 at the wavelengths of 10.8 and 18.2 microns.

NIRI Catches the Infrared Glow of a Major Neutron Star Outburst

Gemini's Near-Infrared Imager, NIRI, was trained on the magnetar 1E 2259+586 shortly after X-ray bursts were detected in June of 2002. 

Gemini South Tracks Optical Microflares Around Black Hole in Binary System

Astronomers have embarked on a study of aperiodic optical variability of SXTs, using the Acquisition Camera on the Gemini South telescope, in order to explore the source of the microflares on short timescales.

Gemini North and Keck Probe Saturn's Moon Titan from Clouds to Icy Highlands

Henry Roe and collaborators used adaptive optics to study Titan's clouds and the observations have revealed that the southern hemisphere shows more cloud activity than the northern hemisphere.

Gemini South Staff Moves Into New Base Facility in Chile

In late February/early March, staff members completely moved into the new Gemini South Southern Base Facility in La Serena, Chile. 

Gemini's Near-Infrared Imager Images Over 120,000 Stars in the Nearby Galaxy M33

The Gemini Near-infrared Imager (NIRI) has been working reliably and delivering excellent images at wavelengths between 1 and 5 microns. 

Gemini Images Tightest Known Orbiting Brown Dwarf-Star Pair

The tightest orbiting brown dwarf companion ever seen has been discovered orbiting the low mass star LHS 2397a, using adaptive optics on Gemini North.

Gemini Announces Selection of Six "StarTeachers"

Astronomers "Converge" on Galactic Center