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2023A Classical Schedule

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The table below summarises the classically-scheduled programs that have been awarded time on Gemini North and South, as well as programs from the Gemini community awarded Exchange time on Subaru. Jump directly to the schedule for:

Each Gemini program has been assigned a Contact Scientist (CS) who is the point of contact between the Observatory and the Principal Investigator. Instructions for visiting observers are available.

The columns in the table are:
Date: Scheduled observing night(s), local time, for the Gemini telescopes, or number of nights and preliminary dates for Subaru.
Allocated programs: Gemini reference number, Principal Investigator and Partner.
Instrument: name of the instrument(s).
Title: the title of the program.

Classical programs scheduled for Gemini South in .

Schedule : Gemini South
Date (Local Time) and Award Allocated Program Instrument Title

Classical/Queue programs scheduled for Subaru in See the Subaru Schedule to confirm dates.

Schedule : Subaru
Award, date(s) Allocated Program Instrument Title

1n (10.0 hr)

March 3rd, full night


Franson, US


Imaging Giant Planets around Young Accelerating Stars

7.1 hr

queue Grade A


Bell, US


A complete, uniform survey of the ultrafaint satellites and stellar halo
populations in the M81 group

7.0 hr

queue Grade A


Cho, KR


Dark Matter in Abell 3411-3412: Toward Constraining the Fossil
Electron Re-acceleration Efficiency

11.1 hr

queue Grade B

Spekkens, CA


Dwarf Satellites and Their Debris Around Low-Mass Local Volume Galaxy NGC 4449

4n (40.0 hr)

six first-half nights on  May 16-17, June 16-19, and one full night on June 20

Hudson, CA


Completing the Euclid DR2 region of the UNION Survey