AAS 237

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Gemini Observatory and its partners will have many attend the 237th meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS), hosted virtually anywhere, 11 – 15 January 2021.

For all of NOIRLab's activities, please visit www.noirlab.edu/science/aas237.

Visit Gemini Observatory at the NOIRLab Virtual Booth!

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Come to our open hours and ask us about:

NOIRLab Town Hall

Thursday 14 January, 2021: 1:40-2:40 PM ET (Add this Town Hall to your itinerary)

Updates about the Gemini Observatory will be presented as part of the larger NOIRLab Town Hall. We will present update of Gemini operations in the COVID era and share the latest news about our current and future instrumentation. It will include details on the progress of the state-of-the-art AO system for GNOA, and the new high-throughput, high-spectral resolution spectrographs GHOST and MAROON-X.

Gemini Program Platform Overview: The Next Generation Gemini Operations Software (Webinar)

Monday January 11, 2021:  4:00 pm-4:30 pm ET (Add this webinar to your itinerary)

The Gemini Program Platform (GPP) is a major software development initiative to rewrite and reimagine the operations software of the International Gemini Observatory. This will replace the current Phase I Tool (PIT) and Observing Tool (OT) with a web application designed to make proposal submission and observation preparation easier. It will also improve the underlying software infrastructure in order to facilitate the development of new features and to support Gemini, and potentially NOIRLab, operations for the next few decades. This webinar will give an overview and status update of the project, demo an early test version, and allow time for questions and feedback.

Splinter Session Extragalactic Astronomy with Gemini Large and Long Programs (LPs)

Wednesday 13 January, 2021: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm ET (Add this splinter to your itinerary)

The US NGO, in collaboration with Gemini, plans a Science Splinter Session at the 237thAAS Meeting, with the title: Extragalactic astronomy with Gemini large and long programs (LPs).  The Session is open to all interested Gemini users, and includes talks from PIs of mature and productive LP programs in the area, plus additional talks focusing on instruments and data platforms that are important for future Gemini LPs. 


Everyday (except Thursday):  4:40 pm-5:10 pm ET

Join Kathleen Labrie for a demo of the new and growing Gemini pipeline DRAGONS! Full description available in a Google Doc.

The Gemini Card Game online!

Everyday (except Thursday):  5:20 pm-5:50 pm ET

The Gemini Card Game is going virtual! We will hold demonstration and play sessions regularly during the AAS meeting. Come take a break with us, and experience the complex decisions required to run a world class observatory and the excitement of contributing to a team as you provide researchers with their precious data and contribute to expanding the knowledge of the Universe. The program is:

  • 5 min intro: Decription of the game board and card types
  • 10 min: Rules and game play
  • 15 min: Walkthrough of the first 2-3 rounds (with volunteers)

For more informations on the game, visit www.gemini.edu/GCG.

Personalized Support

On request! Reserve your time.

Once again this year, Gemini will be offering personalized help to the AAS meeting participants. If you have Gemini data, an active observing program, or even a vague idea of a project, you can  book an appointment in advance by email to SUS_inquiries@gemini.edu. List of Talks and Posters

Your contribution presents Gemini related work and it is not listed here? Please send details to sus_inquiries@gemini.edu.


AAS 237 | Gemini Observatory


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