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Gemini Phase I Tool (PIT) Description

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The main screen of the PIT is shown below. It is divided into three main sections:

New PIT Overview tab

  1. At the top, there is a menu bar for file import and export and various preferences. 
  2. The middle part is made up of two sections.
    1. The section on the left contains the tab views "Overview" (where is entered the TAC category and the PDF attachment), "Time Requests", "Scheduling", and "Submit".
    2. The section on the right contains the tab views "Observations", "Band 3", and "Targets".
  3. At the bottom is a "Problems" section (which can be seen as a "To Do list"). 

The main window can be resized by clicking and dragging the lower right corner. The individual section panes can also be resized by hovering the mouse cursor between the panes until the cursor becomes two oppositely-pointing arrows, and then dragging the pane in the direction of the arrows.

Gemini Phase I Tool (PIT) Description | Gemini Observatory


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