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A MAROON-X radial velocity search for planets around the nearest stars

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Principle Investigator: Jacob Bean, University of Chicago, Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Chicago IL, USA


Program Summary:

We propose to carry out a volume-limited radial velocity search for planets orbiting late-type stars within 4 pc. These iconic stars are fascinating to the public and their planets are the best targets for detailed study. We know that the nearest stars should abound with planets, yet only a handful have been identified because previous radial velocity surveys have been limited by unstable instruments and stellar noise. We will take advantage of the improved instrument stability and reduced impact of stellar noise offered by the MAROON-X spectrograph to conduct a new, more sensitive search. This survey will be capable of finding planets ranging from habitable-zone terrestrial planets to long-period gas giants whose atmospheres can be probed with next generation facilities.



  • Andreas Seifahrt: University of Chicago
  • David Kasper: University of Chicago
  • Madison Brady University of Chicago